Cushion Fusion | Gel Cushion

Buy Cushion Fusion | Gel Cushion at the best price. Cushion Fusion is the result of a new and unique technology. Cushion Fusion uses high-density, resistant foam and therapeutic gel to provide immediate support and comfort. Traditional cushions are usually filled with wool, feathers and polyester, but Cushion Fusion consists of 4 layers: a double layer of high-density foam which provides double support, reinforced by a third layer of therapeutic gel and a soft fleece cover on the surface. Enjoy absolute relaxation and comfort now thanks to the beneficial properties of this comfortable gel cushion.


  • Cushion Fusion provides maximum support and comfort
  • Cushion filled with gel and foam for additional support
  • Reduces discomfort produced by hard surfaces and lack of cushioning
  • Keeps your seat cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Perfect for using at home, at the office or in any means of transport, etc.
  • Soft fleece cover
  • Lightweight, portable and washable
  • Dimensions: 46 x 36 x 8cm