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Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect and treat your personal information on our website, on our devices, products, and/or services, which you refer to.

Utopia Cloud Marketing is concerned with your privacy and, for this reason, we collect and use your personal data only to the extent necessary for the display and sale of our products and services.

The company Utopia Cloud Marketing is responsible for the processing of Personal Information that you receive through the different channels (web page, email, online commerce, electronic or paper forms) within your commercial and service activities, all of which are part of a file that it is the company's responsibility.

The Data Protection Officer at Utopia Cloud Marketing is the employee in charge of answering any question that may be related to the protection of your personal data and ensuring compliance with legislation regarding data protection.

Our Privacy Policy aims to explain what data we collect and how we do it, as well as why we use your personal data. It also explains the ways we provide to access, update, or, in some way, have control over the personal data we process.

If you ever have a question about how we use your personal information, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by sending an email to


The person in charge of processing your data is Utopia Cloud Marketing, a company that, through its website and its applications, makes available a platform to promote, publish and market its products or services for users who visit the web page.

Contact details: Utopia Cloud Marketing
Email of the Data Protection Officer:

Your personal data will be treated manually and/or automatically, for the following purposes:

1.- Manage your registration as a user on the Utopia Cloud Marketing page.

In case you decide to register as a user on our website, we need to manage your personal data to identify you as a user and give you access to the different features, products, and services that are available to you as a registered user.

2.- Manage the entire process of purchasing products and services that are made available to users registered on the Website.

To manage payment for products and services purchased, we need to verify bank details in order to complete the transaction, for example, bank account or credit card number.

Likewise, to check the purchase process, we must take security measures in order to prevent fraud and abuse against our customers. If we consider that the operation may be fraudulent, it will be blocked.

3.- Respond to questions and requests. Manage queries and requests using any electronic form available on the website or email made by users who access the website. The questions or fields included in the forms are optional, except those that contain an asterisk (*), which are mandatory. In case of not answering or completing the questions in the mandatory fields, the company reserves the right not to process the inquiry or request.


The legal basis for the processing of personal data of users who decide to register on the Website and proceed with the purchase of a product or service is the conclusion of a contract with Utopia Cloud Marketing since the processing of their personal data is necessary for the execution of the terms that regulate the use of the Website and to verify the purchase process.

The legal basis for the processing of data, in order to correspond to the queries and requests of the users of the website, is the legitimate interest that the entity has in treating them and informing anyone interested in the company, in its products and services.

The legal basis for processing the data of those users who expressly request registration in the commercial communications service (newsletter) is the consent of the interested party.


Except for some legal obligation, in no case will we give your personal data to other people or entities without your prior consent.

However, in order to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, in some cases, we may give access to your personal data to third parties:

1.- In your case, to the entity of the Utopia Cloud Marketing group to be able to attend your consultation, suggestion, or request with the purpose of providing a support service responsible for the treatment.

3.- Entities and suppliers that provide services to us for the correct execution of our activities and services. These entities and suppliers are duly accredited and sign a contract with us, in accordance with current data protection regulations.

As examples of the services they provide to us and which may involve the processing of your personal data on behalf of Utopia Cloud Marketing, we can mention, by way of example and without limitation, multidisciplinary professional services, legal advice, technological and information services, marketing, call- center, etc.

We only make your personal data available to the extent necessary for third parties to provide services on our behalf, as requested or when necessary. These third parties (and any subcontractors) are subject to strict data processing terms and conditions and are prohibited from using, making available, or saving your personal data for a different purpose for which they were specifically engaged (or without your consent).

We share your data with:

Third-party entities:

Google Analytics
Google Optimizer
We only work with partners who are able to guarantee quality in the protection of your Personal Data. We share your Personal Data with third parties or public officials when required to do so. We may share your Personal Data with entities to which you have consented or under legal obligation for that purpose.


The personal information we receive is hosted in the USA, which is outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Thus, we ensure that the information transferred to us complies with the appropriate guarantees required by the General Data Protection Regulation.


In the event that the website has links to other sites, it will not exercise any control over those sites and content. In no event will it assume any responsibility for the content of any link belonging to a third party website, nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, precision, amplitude, veracity, validity, and constitutionality of any material or information contained in any of the referred links or another website.



When collecting and processing your personal data, all security measures are taken to prevent loss of information, unauthorized access, or unlawful manipulation, as established by current legislation.

Utopia Cloud Marketing will treat data at all times in an absolutely confidential manner and maintain confidentiality about them, in accordance with the provisions of the regulation, adopting for this purpose the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of your data and avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorized access, taking into account technological advances, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed.

In the case of contracting services, we demand and guarantee that the person in charge of the treatment applies the appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee a level of security adequate to the existing risks, as established in article 32 of the Data Protection Regulation.

We also carry out Impact Assessments on treatment operations that we believe may pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, in order to implement the necessary and timely measures to avoid a breach of confidentiality.


obtains your personal data through the following channels:

1.- E-mail

2.- Forms / Questionnaires (web, electronic, and paper format)

3.- Exchange of business cards

4.- Service contracts and commercial agreements.


Utopia Cloud Marketing treats the following categories of data, according to the circumstances of your relationship with the company:

1.- Identification data: name, surname, address, e-mail address, postal code, mobile phone number, etc.

2.- Commercial information data.

3.- Bank and financial details.

4.- Traffic and location data.

5. - […]


In view of the processing of personal data carried out by Utopia Cloud Marketing, all users are entitled to:

1.- Access your personal data.

2.- Request the correction of incorrect or incomplete data.

3.- Revoke the consents granted, without affecting the legality of the treatment we did before the said revocation.

4.- Request the deletion of your data, among other reasons, when the data are not necessary for the purposes that were collected.

5.- Oppose the processing of your data for reasons related to your particular situation, requesting that it not be processed by Utopia Cloud Marketing. Your personal information will not be treated for the purpose for which you opposed it.

6.- Obtain from Utopia Cloud Marketing the limitation of the processing of your data when any of the conditions established in the Data Protection Regulations is fulfilled, in which case, we will only keep your data for the exercise or defense of complaints.

7.- Request the portability of your data to another data controller.

When exercising its rights to suppress, oppose, limit or revoke your consent, Utopia Cloud Marketing will stop processing your data, except for legitimate reasons or to defend possible complaints.

All rights can be exercised by contacting Rua Febo Moniz 27B 1150-152, Lisbon, or if you prefer, by email to the following address: In any case, you must accompany your request for a photocopy of an identification document, which allows us to prove your identity and specify the right or rights you wish to exercise, under the terms established in the current regulations.

Likewise, if you are not satisfied with the response to the exercise of your rights, you can send a claim to the NATIONAL DATA PROTECTION COMMISSION, through the website


Minors are not allowed to purchase products or hire services that are available on the Website. Minors may only use the services of Utopia Cloud Marketing under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Please contact us if you have the knowledge or any reason to assume that a minor has provided us with personal information.


Utopia Cloud Marketing reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time. In that case, the changes will be posted on the website as a notice until the date of implementation. If we make substantial changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you, by email or by means of a notice on your Customer or User page, when appropriate and prior to its implementation.


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We hope that the information below will provide you with clear and comprehensive information about the technologies we use and their purposes, but if you have additional questions, or would like to obtain any additional information, please review our Data Privacy Policy or contact us.

Your Consent: By continuing to use and browse our websites, services, application, tools, or messaging services, you are agreeing to the use of cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies described in this Privacy Policy.

What are cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies? These technologies are essentially small data files placed on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other devices ("collectively, a" device ") that allow the registration of information when you visit or interact with our website, service, applications, services messaging, and other tools. Although these technologies are generally called "Cookies", their function differs, and is explained in more detail below:

Cookies: They are small text files (typically created from letters and numbers) placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or see a message. Cookies allow a website to recognize a particular device or browser. There are several types of cookies:

Session cookies expire at the end of your browser session and allow us to create a link during your session activity within your browser. Persistent cookies are used on your device between browser sessions, allowing us to remember your preferences or actions between multiple browsers. First-party cookies are those set by the website that is being visited by the user at that time in order to preserve their preferences (for example, while on the website).

Third-Party Cookies are accessed by your browser through a website, domain, which are not from the website or domain you are currently visiting. If a user visits a website and another local entity uses a cookie through that website, then we are referring to a Third Party Cookie.

When you enter a website that uses cookies, you may be asked to complete a form with personal information; such as name, email address, and interests. This information is converted into a cookie that is sent to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) which then stores the information for later use. The next time you visit the same website, your browser will send a cookie to the server. The message is sent back to the server each time your browser requests a page from that server.

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Similar technologies:

Technologies that store information in your browser or device when using local shared objects or shared storage, such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, and other methods of web software applications. These technologies can operate on all your browsers, and in some instances, they may not be fully managed by your browser and require direct management through installed applications or your device. We do not use these technologies to store information with advertising effects for you on our websites.


Our cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies serve a variety of purposes, but in general, they are necessary or essential for the functioning of our website or messaging services, they help us to improve performance or provide extra features, or they help us to offer content relevant and targeted advertising. More specifically:

Performance: Performance cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies collect information about how you use our website, for example, the pages you visit and if you experience any errors. These cookies do not store information that you can identify and are only used to improve the functioning of our website, understand what our users are interested in, and measure the effectiveness of our content by providing anonymous statistics and data about how our website is used. Accepting these technologies is a necessary condition to use our websites, services, applications, tools, or messaging services, so if you prevent them from uploading we cannot guarantee their use or security during your session.

Functionality: These cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies are used to provide services or to remember preferences to improve your visit.

Advertising: First-party or third-party cookies and web beacons may be placed on our website, applications, or tools in order to deliver content, including advertising related to the content, relevant to your specific interests on our websites or third-party websites. These technologies allow us to understand how useful advertising is and to improve the relevance of the content to our users.

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